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Our Work

Our Work

The work of the olive grower requires very long time.

In fact, it takes a whole year before you can collect the fruits of the olive tree.

During this long period the plants must be treated following a precise rhythm: they must be fertilized both in winter and in spring to allow the right contribution of mineral organ substances to the soil;

they must be pruned to renew them and ensure that the fruits have optimal exposure to light until they are collected.


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During the summer

it is important to proceed with an intense irrigation and to continuously monitor the presence of pests, especially the olive fly, the most fearsome in olive growing, as it tends to sting the fruits damaging them, and therefore must be kept under control through phytosanitary treatments.

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In the autumn period

harvesting is finally carried out through the beating, carried out with pneumatic combs in the case where the olives are destined to the oil production or with the manual procedure for those destined to the brine.

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The freshly picked fruits

are placed in special perforated boxes and transported to the mill in the shortest possible time, in order to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the oil that will be produced from them.

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