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The Olives

The Olives

The Bassan Farm has olive groves in different areas of Pompeiana

In the locality called "Costa Panera" there are both ancient olive trees and new plants. Olives for brine are harvested by hand from the young plants.

The olive grove is exposed to the south, is sunny and overlooks the sea whose influence is felt.

The oil, coming from irrigated olives, is balanced and tends to have a herbaceous scent with sweet notes and a slight hint of spicy/bitter.

The olive grove of the "Le Chiuse" region

is made up of secular plants, arranged in narrow terracing and is located in the innermost area of the country, in a site of Community interest (SIC);

also for this reason herbicides are not used in the soil.

The oil produced is very delicate: in fact, it has a sweet tone with a fruity perception and a faint spicy note.

The "Canevai"

olive grove is made up of about 300 plants.

It is located in a more protected location that passes from a good sun exposure to a cooler and shady.

One in fact, in some years the harvest also took place in January.

From this area an oil with a sweet tone is obtained: it has got a slightly fruity and herbaceous flavor, reminiscent of the flavor of "the oil of the past" since it too was harvested in the late season.




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